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Motoring offences

These can be usually be dealt with by way of a fixed fee but we can offer an hourly rate should you prefer. Either fixed rate or hourly rate, you will receive comprehensive advice from a solicitor or barrister on all aspects of your case.

Fixed fees:

£100 plus vat: This covers a 30 minute office appointment with a solicitor who will advise you on your options including your plea and procedure thereafter. If appropriate, advice can be given on the trial process and sentencing guidelines including grounds to pursue exceptional hardship.

This option does not include any further work or advice upon conclusion of the 30 minute appointment. We are happy to advise as to further funding options at the end of this meeting should you wish.

£500 plus vat: This fee covers a half day representation at court either by a solicitor or barrister. We will take your instructions and consider the evidence with reference to how you wish to plead. If you wish to plead not guilty we will advice you on the procedure and how your case will progress. If you wish to plead guilty we will advice on likely sentence and how this can be mitigated. Most cases are concluded within the half day attendance. However if your case is not concluded within that time (for instance if you are required to see a probation officer and the probation officer is not in a position to report back to court) we are happy to remain at court (if you wish) for as long as is required to complete your defence case that day for a further fee of £200 plus vat. This option includes all reasonable travel disbursements and advice on appeal where appropriate.

£750 plus vat: This covers the consideration of evidence, advice in relation to plea and likely sentence, preparation required for a hardship or special reasons argument and representation at a single hearing for either exceptional hardship or special reasons. Occasionally some arguments benefit from the instruction of expert reports and/or the obtaining of medical records, the cost of which is not included in this fee and is entirely optional. We find most clients who follow this route are happy to obtain their own character statements / letters under our guidance. If you would like us to take statements to assist any such argument this may incur an additional cost depending on the case. This fee includes advice on appealing the court’s decision should that be required.

£1500 plus vat: This covers preparation and representation for a 1 day trial (to include the initial half day court appearance for the entering of a Not Guilty plea and the case management process). This includes two appointments in our office (for up to 2 hours) and the taking of witness statements (up to 3 witnesses) for witnesses who are able to attend one of our offices. This includes reasonable travel and disbursements for the two court appearances referred to and any advice relating to appeal should that be required.

Should you be successful at trial, you will be entitled to recover some of your costs from central funds. Should you wish us to make this application for you we are happy to do so for a charge of £150 plus vat. Alternatively we are happy to refer you to the correct form to complete and provide you with the documentation you require to submit this application yourself within the cost of your trial fee.

Hourly rate:
Our hourly rates start at £161 plus vat. You can tailor the service we provide to suit your requirements.

Please feel free to contact Margaret Dodson on 01256 322911 (reception) or 01256 301879 (direct line) or Shelley Gallacher on 01256 322911 (reception) or 01256 360498 (direct line) for further information.