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We have an established and experienced commercial litigation team at Wills Chandler Solicitors who are on hand to provide tailored legal advice to help resolve your commercial disputes. Our objective is to provide you with the most cost effective and time efficient resolution to your dispute or issue whilst fully preserving your businesses rights and interests.

Upon instructing our firm, our commercial litigation solicitors will advise you on the strengths/weaknesses of the options available to you to resolve your commercial dispute and the financial implications if any. We will provide you with clear, bespoke advice that takes into account your businesses values and key objectives.


We can have as much or as little involvement in your case as you choose; some of our clients prefer to undertake a lot of the work in house and see our team as a reference point whilst other clients prefer our team to manage all of their disputes. We would rather be involved as early as possible in a dispute and therefore our litigators would be very happy to chat with you the moment you have concerns.

It is always our solicitors’ intention to try and resolve a dispute by using methods that are regularly referred to as “Alternative Dispute Resolution” such as negotiations, round table meetings, arbitration or mediation. We recognise the importance of preserving relationships with third parties whether that is with your customer or supplier and as such we would discuss with you various commercial elements to the claim before advising you on what strategy to adopt. We only issue court proceedings as a last resort. That said if the other party is being unreasonable our experienced solicitors will commence proceedings on your behalf and/or vigorously defend a claim that has been made against you.


No case is too small or too big; we manage matters as small as parking fines right through to complicated high value cases in the High Court in London. Our areas of expertise include:-

  • Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
  • Debt Recovery/Enforcement
  • Commercial Property Disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Bankruptcy/Winding up Proceedings
  • Construction disputes
  • Consumer problems
  • Professional Negligence Disputes

Comments from our litigation solicitors:-

No case is the same and each client should expect to be treated in a manner that suits their needs. Our firm does not rely on templates, we prefer to get to know our clients and provide them with a tailored service that is cost efficient and suited to their needs. Our practice is built around years of feedback from past clients that they want a Solicitor to provide clear expert advice that they can trust and from someone that is approachable.

Margaret Dodson – Director for Wills Chandler

Recent work undertaken:-

  • Draft shareholder, employment and loan agreements
  • Debt Collection for a wide range of companies based in the Basingstoke and Hampshire area.
  • Chaired a roundtable meeting regarding a construction dispute, which resulted in both parties reaching a settlement as to what additional work needed to be undertaken.
  • Reached a favourable settlement for a local business who made a claim against their accountant for professional negligence.

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Anonymous said…

Margaret, thank you so very much for your time and professionalism, I can't believe it was over so quickly. Good result I can now get on with my life...

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