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Whenever a relationship or marriage breaks down or where there is undue confrontation within the family, we can help and advise you as to the best course to take bearing in mind the whole situation. We provide a friendly, sympathetic yet objective service and we will advise you on the appropriate procedures to take to ensure a satisfactory solution to your situation.

Our team at Wills Chandler specialises in all aspects of Family Law relating to the breakdown of the family unit including separation, divorce proceedings, financial and property matters resulting from separation and divorce and especially in resolving the difficulties relating to residence and contact of the children including all other Children Act matters.

Our aim is quite simply to make life easier for you and to relieve you of some of the burden in often very upsetting and difficult situations. We will guide you through the relevant procedures, keeping you informed step by step in accordance with your wishes and instructions.

We can advise on:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Financial Issues arising out of Family Breakdowns
  • Children Act Matters
  • Civil Partnership
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Cohabitatee Agreements and Disputes
  • Domestic Violence and Family Protection Injunctions

Our Fees

Free initial appointment

If you would like another appointment after the free initial appointment prior to deciding to instruct us we charge a fixed fee of £100 plus VAT for that second appointment prior to you formally instructing us.

Traditional full service

This is the service that most clients will be familiar with. Whether it is a financial matter arising from divorce or a Children Act case, the client is charged at the relevant fee earner's current hourly rate.

Reduced rate traditional full service

For clients who want the benefit of the traditional full-service option but whose financial circumstances may mean they are eligible for a reduced hourly rate. Within this service there are two rates which are based on the capital assets you own or have an interest in and what income from all sources you are in receipt of.

DIY fixed fee service

In the current financial climate more and more people are now taking charge of their own legal affairs by representing themselves in court. However there are circumstances where even with the best will in the world you will need some level of legal advice. This service allows you to retain full control of your own case whilst receiving the benefit of sound legal advice on a fixed fee basis helping you to keep control of what legal costs you can afford to incur. There are clear parameters setting out what you can expect from this service and so this option is only appropriate for those who have both the confidence to represent themselves at Court but who also have the time needed to deal with all of the Court requirements. Please be aware that for those with busy work or family lives it will be difficult to put aside the amount of time required to deal with all aspects of your case.

If you would like to find out more about these different services we will be more than happy to discuss them in more detail when you come in to see us.